Apprentice Survival Tip: “Persevere. Don’t give up, even though it seems hard.”

Apprentice Survival Tip: “Persevere. Don’t give up, even though it seems hard.”

High ambitions

I have worked as an apprentice civil engineer for Interserve’s equipment services business, RMD Kwikform, for a year and a half. I joined after completing AS levels in maths, physics, geography and psychology, but I decided that staying on to complete my A2 levels wasn’t the route for me as I wanted to work and learn on the job.

I chose to become an apprentice at Interserve’s RMD Kwikform business because it is an internationally recognised company in the field of temporary works solutions. My ambition has always been to pursue a career in civil engineering and when I came across Interserve and did some research I found that temporary works designing was very specialised and unique, which appealed to me. Since joining Interserve my knowledge of civil engineering, temporary works design and the construction industry has increased substantially. It is great to be learning new skills on a daily basis while enjoying myself.

Making ideas come to life

My role sees me work on designs for both formwork (the panels and associated equipment which form the mould into which concrete is poured) and falsework (equipment used to create temporary frameworks which support spanning or arched structures during construction) for customers. I love being able to be involved with the full process from drawing design concepts to rendering them in 3D using specialist software to the actual creation of the designs. It’s great to see your idea become a reality and I think this is a huge benefit of apprenticeships compared to classroom-based learning.

Don’t give up

It was difficult to adjust to the scheme in the first few weeks as I had to get used to a radically different environment, while also learning about the business. I would tell anyone in that position at the beginning of their apprenticeship that the most important thing they can do is persevere and not give up. It’s tough and a big adjustment, but stick with it and you’ll reap the rewards.

Once I’ve completed the apprenticeship and have a level 3 BTEC in Civil Engineering, I plan to go on to university and get my HNC in Engineering to take me to the next level. I would like to progress my career with Interserve and become a temporary works designer, continuing to work my way up the ranks, while gaining knowledge and experience along the way.

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