Waste recycling facility helping to meet landfill reduction targets

Waste recycling facility helping to meet landfill reduction targets

Our new £2 million state-of-the-art waste recycling facility in the UK at Aldridge in the West Midlands plays a key role in assisting the region’s councils, commercial and construction sectors in meeting their landfill reduction targets – in turn, creating a positive environmental impact.

We built the facility which has capacity to process around 250,000 tonnes of waste material each year – returning a range of recycled products to the market. Enhanced mechanisation over the three-acre site will enable the new plant to recycle a highly impressive 95 per cent of all the material it processes.

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  • Sending waste to landfill is both an environmental and an economic crime. Recycling or own waste in this way, or via our newly launched Surplus Network, is hugely beneficial

  • Linda Wilkinson

    Not all waste transfer stations are anything like as good as this one. We are aware of one in Plymouth that sends all the waste received to landfill. There is no attempt to separate out anything that could be recycled or even recovered. This is because of the long distance they have to transport recyclables for processing as well as the cost of employing people to pick through the waste and presumably the cost of installing the plant they would need. They feel this does not make financial sense. We often assume that all waste transfer stations are sending at least 50% of the waste they receive to be recycled, which is still way below our target of diverting 90% from landfill,, but it is definitely worth checking before deciding which company to use.