Four capitals

SustainAbilities is built around the more intelligent use of capital, defined in the widest sense.

We measure our outcomes, not only in traditional financial terms, but more holistically using four capitals that capture the wider impact of our activities.

How we use (and create) natural, social and knowledge capital, as well as how we manage and grow our financial capital will determine how, and whether, we achieve the outcomes we have set out.

We report on these through developing a ‘Capitals Scorecard’.

We work with a number of partners to develop this and move forward the debate over the next five years.

Our four capitals are:




The stock of natural resources that enable the Earth and everyone on it to exist – from drinking water to breathable air, to sources of energy and raw materials. We have a significant impact and dependence on these resources and we are committed to taking action to protect them.




This is the stock of social connections, benefits, roles and networks that enable societies to function and thrive. It includes employment opportunities, trust, a sense of place, and employee and community health and wellbeing.




This is the stock of skills, know-how and experience possessed by society and organisations. We recognise the importance of helping to nurture talent, enable innovation, support our employees and encourage stakeholders to work collaboratively towards a more sustainable and resilient world.




By taking steps to protect and enhance natural, social and knowledge capital, we will improve our ability to manage financial capital in ways that will generate more profitable business and growth. By seeing our business through the lens of sustainability, we can better manage risk and costs.